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Nairobi City Tour

Nairobi, Kenya's capital is well-planned modern city of over three million inhabitants. It is justly described as a garden city as its broad avenues are lined with flowering plants and shrubs. Situated at an altitude of 5,550 feet, it enjoys hot sunny days and cool evening. Places of interest to the visitors includes; the Municipal City Market, the Ornate Jamia Mosque and the National Museum with its adjacent snake park and aviary.

There are several art galleries exhibiting work by local artists, displays of tribal dancing, two theatre, a variety of food restaurants and a wealth of fascinating curio shops.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions.


Nairobi African Butterfly Centre Excursion - 3 hours

Butterfly Center in Kenya is the second world largest butterfly center after the main British Museum of Natural History in London. The butterfly center offers visitors a special informative and impressive excitement on butterflies rearing and their beauty with an added attraction offered to Eco-tourists.

The main aim of the center is to create awareness of conservation of African butterflies and butterfly experts from all over the world will be able to do their research in the library there. Steve Collins, the founder named one butterfly in honour of Leaky, who once headed the Kenya Wildlife Services, as a sign of his service to conservation in Africa.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions.

Bomas of Kenya.

Bomas of Kenya is located 12Kms from Nairobi city center. Boma is a Kiswahili word for homesteads or fort. The place is a done with many homesteads depicting Kenyan's cocktail of tribal cultures. This is a cultural tour that introduces you to the traditional village life of Kenya's major tribes. The highlight of the visit is afternoon performances of traditional dances and professional acrobats inside the center's magnificent arena.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions.

Masai Cultural Tour (4 HRS).

For those whose interest is to is to explore the Masaai culture without driving many Kilometers out of Nairobi, Masaai footsteps is only 40 minutes drive from the city. Visit the pastoralists in their natural environment leading to life influenced by the world of mechanization. Masaai people share a common environment with wildlife and nature. Their traditional belief in conservation prohibits the indiscriminate killing of wildlife, thus a protection of the natural eco-system.

Leaving Nairobi, you travel into Ngong hills passing through Ngong Township. Arrival at a view point overlooking the Great Rift Valley where our guide gives you a brief introduction insight into the Masaai culture.

Descend into the picturesque and scenic countryside. At a prepared site, you are met and taken to the home. There is a unique Masaai wedding ceremony, fire making, traditional dancing, and other Masaai customs are enacted for you. A leisurely walk takes you to a local Masaai Enkang for an inspection, enabling you to interact with the residents. Return to your hotel before sunset.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions.

Karen Blixen and Giraffe Centre (Manor).

Karen Blixen was the author of the famous movie `Out of Africa'. After she died, the Government bought her house where she had lived for many years and turned it into a museum. Most travellers from Scandinavian countries find it imperative to pay a visit to this place. Karen herself was a Danish. After getting a thorough literature of her autobiography, you can then have a walk in the farm compound to view some of the farming activities she used to do. You later proceed to the Giraffe Manor to see and feed these rare species (Rothschild).

Opened in 1984 after the death of Jock and his wife Betty who founded A FEW which are duly credited with saving the endangered Rothschild giraffe from extinction . To activate this they captured a baby This tour departs anytime from 0830 hrs. And is scheduled for 3-4 hours.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions

Carnivore Experience/ Luncheon or Dinner.

 The Carnivore restaurant is located 6kilometres from Nairobi City Centre. Among the many top class restaurants in the City, the Carnivore stands in a class of its own. It is famous for its succulent steaks, barbecued normal beef, pork and chicken but Game meat like Giraffe, Gnu, Zebra, Crocodile, Hartebeest and Ostrich are served in a festive atmosphere. The tender hearted are also adequately catered for; here it is unlimited supply of savory beef, fish and chicken. The restaurant guarantees to satisfy the most demanding of appetites. After the meal, you may choose to move to the Simba Salon and shake down the meat or dance the night out. We strongly recomend this as an excellent compliment to a holiday in Kenya, especially as a welcome or farewell.


The Carnivore Restaurant was voted to be among the top 50 best places to eat in the World by a London based “ Restaurant Magazine”

Lunch starts at 1pm while dinner is served from 7pm. We allow adequate time for our clients to sample all the excellent cuisine on offer. The tour runs for about 2 hrs.
This is something you will be talking about it for a long time to come!!

Important: This arrangement can be combined with any of our many excursions.

Nairobi National Park.

The Nairobi National Park is 9 km south East of Nairobi city center. The small park (28,000acres, and 117 sq kms ) contains all the major animals except the elephant.
The sight of wildlife grazing majestically against the backdrop of the city skyline is a pleasant experience.

 Close to the entry point of the Park is the Nairobi animal Orphanage, founded in1963 to provide a home for injured and orphaned young animal. Here the animals are nursed to good health and then released to the wild. Altitude: 1,533-1,760m. Bird Life: There are some 500 species. Vegetation: Dry transitional savannah on the plain with gallery forests in the valley.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions.


David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage

Watch tiny orphans at their bath and being fed with milk and learn how each one has to be loved and brought up. This is where you come close to elephant calves! Daphne Sheldrick as part of the David Sheldrick Conservation Foundation rehabilitates baby elephants and other wildlife here at her home just outside of Nairobi National Park. These babies have lost their mothers to poaching, death, injuries, on getting lost in the wild or other tragedies. Daphne and her dedicated staff raise them to be released back into the wild when they are ready.

It’s worth visiting and see humanitarian care to the wildlife and the heart it takes to care. They charge an entrance fees and you can also buy a souvenir or donate for the conservation.

NOTE: This tour can be combined with any of the above day excursions.

 Nairobi Shopping.

If you'd like to take home more than just memories of your trip to Kenya, you'll find a wide range of local products that make ideal souvenirs or gifts.

Kenyan products are as diverse and unique as the country itself. There are traditional artefacts, fantastic jewellrey, beautiful carvings, the world's best coffee, precious stones, furniture, beautiful cloth, excellent local music, wonderful modern art and so much more to be found.

Excellent, well stocked gift shops can be found in may hotels, lodges and camps throughout the country. But often real finds can be found a little further off the beaten track.
For the dedicated bargain hunter, Kenya's markets are the place to be. Markets selling all kinds of local arts and crafts can be found all over the country. In Nairobi, there are large open air markets held each week.

Bargaining is the expected norm in Markets and even in some shops throughout Kenya. The art of bargaining has deep roots in Kenyan culture, and is regarded as an essential business skill. Visitors to Kenya should never be afraid to bargain, it is expected and rarely considered offensive. Opening prices are always an exaggerated gambit, and considered the first step in a long process of bargaining. The real price is usually somewhere in the lower vicinity of half the initial price. How close you come to the real price is up to you. Bargaining can be a long and convoluted process, involving protracted negotiations. Some westerners can find this frustrating, but it is an essential and usually amicable custom.

 If you are in a hurry and need to move on, it is the usual practice to finalize proceedings by declaring your 'absolute final price' (the Bei ya Mwisho) and asking for theirs. If you can both agree a figure between the two then the deal is done. The basic rule of bargaining is this: Bargain hard but don't be unreasonable.

Don't forget that some work, especially good quality carvings and beaded jewellrey, takes a long time to make and involves a lot of hard work. Prices need to be fair from both sides.
Some tourists barter goods like old t-shirts, pens and other items for local handicrafts. This practice can be culturally questionable, and it is usually much preferred to use money. Giving sweets and candy for children should definitely be avoided.

Colpro on Kimathi Street has one of the best selections of safari clothing and has a wide choice of bush jackets, hats, etc. Eltons on Standard Street has a fine collection of cut and uncut East African gemstones, including Tanzanite. African Heritage on Kenyatta Avenue and Airport Road has an outstanding selection of original African arts, mask, Jewelry and gift items. Rowland ward's cut glass featuring Africa's wildlife makes a unique gift of momento. Other good shopping are the shops in the Hilton Hotel arcade, the cottage crafts in the Phenix Arcade selling Kenyans Handicrafts and organized by the National Christian Council of Kenya, and Maendeleo ya wanawake shop, opposite the 680 hotel, selling work made by local women in their homes. Street provides a glorious displays of the countries fruit, vegetables and flowers. Curios and Souvenirs are also to be found in and around the market, where bargaining is the order of the day.

There are a number of art galleries including gallery watatu on the Standard Street, and the East African wildlife society Art Gallery in the Hilton Hotel is the Kumbu Kumbu Gallery specialized in Africa art.

Important: This arrangement can be combined with any of our many excursions.