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Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa, with the Equator running almost straight through the middle of the country.  It is a sovereign state, having achieved political independence from British rule on 12th December 1963 and a year later on 12th December 1964 became a fully fledged republic.  It is a member of the Organization of African Unity, the Commonwealth of Nations and the United Nations Organization.  It has an area  of 582,644 Sq. Kms (224,900 Sq. miles) of which 45,240 Sq. Kms (7.8%) is under Wildlife Conservation sanctuaries (National Parks and National Reserves).

Nature has been very generous to Kenya. The Country has every known landform ranging from the central highlands with its snow-capped Mount Kenya, to the coastal lowlands extending to the sea. Kenya is traversed from north to south by one of the most spectacular geographical features on earth- the Great Rift Valley, a gigantic depression that extends for nearly 5,000 kms. The floor of Rift Valley is dotted with lakes and extinct volcanoes. On account of this geographical diversity, Kenya experiences a wide variation in climate. Most of the country enjoys favorable climatic conditions throughout the year.

Kenya offers some of the finest natural attractions in the world. Its prolific and well-conserved wildlife, supported by a superb network of professionally managed game sanctuaries, is unparallel anywhere. This is the land where the world’s remaining population of big cats, big mammals and plains game still roam in their natural habitat. Indeed, Kenya is one of the few places on earth where one may be able to sight the Big Five (Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Buffalo and Rhino) in one day.For the ornithologists, Kenya has an amazing wealth of bird life. More than 1000 resident bird species have been recorded, besides the estimated 6 million birds that migrate to the country during the Northern Hemisphere winter. Millions of flamingoes paint the sky above Lake Nakuru pink.

Kenya’s scenic beauty, unmatched wildlife, abundant marine and birdlifes, fascinating archaeological sites, a good number of geological wonders and unspoilt sandy beaches shielded by spectacular coral reefs, make the country a destination of unlimited adventure. These combined with a pleasant climate, magnificent hotels, cozy lodges/camps and friendly people with a colourful heritage, give the tourist an unforgettable visit. It is no wonder, therefore, that Kenya’s game sanctuaries and holiday resorts have, over the years, received a seal of approval from Royalities, Heads of state, Celebrities and millions of holidaymakers from all over the globe. Kenya is served by nearly all the major international Airlines. Nairobi, Kenya’s Capital and the Region’s principal industrial and commercial center, is regarded as the gateway to East and Central Africa.